Easy9 surge arrester, 1P + N, 230 V, 20000 A


Easy9 surge arrester, 1P + N, 230 V, 20000 A


Data Sheet

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This Easy9 product is a surge arrester. This product, according to Imax maximum discharge current of 20kA, is recommended for a medium risk level. It can be associated with a 25A and C curve tripping circuit breaker. The Uc maximum continuous operating voltage is 275VAC. The In nominal discharge current is 10kA. The Up maximum voltage protection level is 1.3kV It can be mounted on DIN rail for modular installation. Its width is 4 pitches of 9mm. According to IEC 60529 standard, the degree of protection is IP40 in modular enclosure. The operating temperature is -5°C to 60°C. The storage temperature is -5°C to 70°C. This product complies with IEC 61643-11 standard.


Range of product                                                          Easy9

Product or component type                                        Surge arrester

Device short name                                                        Easy9 SPD

Poles                                                                               1P + N

Remote signalling                                                          Without

Surge arrester-type                                                       Electrical distribution network

Earthing system                                                            TT TN-S

Disconnector device type Associated circuit breaker at   230 V