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CT Energy is a trusted provider of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance Solutions for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) alternative energy for residential, commercial/retail, agricultural and industrial applications.

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Grid Tie:

Solar panels connected to grid without battery back up


Solar panels connected to grid and includes back up battery system to store excess power

Off Grid:

Solar panels not connected to an Electrical Grid.


Large Hybrid off grid solution

Residential Packages Offered

Package 1

4KW Load Shedding Solution

Package 2

4KW - 15KWH Day Hybrid Solar Solution

Package 3

8.5KW - 25KWH Day Hybrid Solar Solution

Package 4

8.5KW - 40KWH Day Hybrid Solar Solution

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Solar Panels


Mounting Systems, Cabling and Electrical Protection Devices

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